Building a DIY Website

There’s probably people out there who wish they could set up a website but end up getting a Web Design company to do it for them at great cost, and some companies then charge you later for edits or changes. And, when someone else does it, you don’t learn anything!

So here is how the Leigh Hackspace website was made. This is actually a slightly more tricky way to do it, although it’s super quick. If you are interested in learning more and would like to see some easier ways of doing it, contact me at screenshotThe following is an overview of the process to give you an idea of how it’s done, not a step-by-step tutorial, although if anyone wants to have more detailed instruction on this I can do this in person on a Hackspace night. If requested I could revise this blog post to be more detailed and a step-by-step guide.

Set up a server

  1. Create a new server (‘droplet’) on Digital Ocean (my preferred provider of Virtual Private Servers). In fact Digital Ocean have an automatic WordPress setup droplet you can just install with one click. See this tutorial for information
  2. Note the IP address of the server (number like on the Digital Ocean control panel

Set up WordPress

  1. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to log in to the Admin panel
  2. Find a WordPress Theme you like – I went with a very simple & plain theme called Aileron
  3. Twitter feed – to get a Twitter sidebar you need to install Twitter Widget Pro

Make go to the IP address of the server

  1. Register the domain name ( I use 123reg for domain registrations but registrars are all pretty similar)
  2. Edit the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings – create an ‘A’ record that points to the IP address of your server.


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