Leigh Hackspace is proudly a non-profit organisation. We rely on contributions from our members to pay the rent on the communal makerspace, buy equipment which we can all share, and get essential services like broadband internet and electricity!

Full Membership

To become a Member of Leigh Hackspace, use the below GoCardless links.

All of these give you the same Full Member access to the Hackspace. (Giving us more simply means we can develop faster, buying better equipment for everyone to use, running more events, etc)

£20 per month (standard membership)

£25 per month (standard membership, voluntary higher payment which helps us develop and grow faster = better facilities, more events, etc)

£15 per month (concessions only: valid NUS card, DWP, pensions)

the biggest asset you will find as a member is being part of a social making and geek community, which has people with skills ranging from programming computers to making guitars, from self-publishing to hand stitching, and from fine art to poetry. Within this group there’s always someone doing something interesting, and a whole range of expertise to learn from. You can share your expertise with the group too.

You get use of the Hackspace tools, space and equipment:

  • 3D Printer (Makerbot Replicator 2)
  • Discounted Laser Cutting with our commercial partner
  • Electronics tools and prototyping equipment
  • Woodturning lathe and full woodworking workshop
  • Fibre Broadband (50Mbps down, 16Mbps up, 12ms ping) WiFi and Wired networks
  • Computers of all shapes, sizes, ages and OSs ranging from Raspberry Pis to servers
  • Complete darkroom and analogue photography setup
  • Lounge area
  • Huge amount of available workspace for creative projects
  • Textiles area with sewing machines and other craft tools
  • Brand-new Rhyl Fold Farm Cafe and shop
  • Excellent coffee (courtesy of Tank Coffee)
  • Advice forum on setting up and running a business, setting up low cost and self-maintainable websites and linking it to other digital services such as PayPal, and social media.
  •  Opportunity to use Hackspace to run your own courses

Corporate Membership

Hackerspaces and Makerspaces are great for innovation and developing new ideas, as well as spending leisure time. If you want to provide Makerspace facilities for all your company’s staff, to encourage innovation, develop your product, or simply as an employment benefit, we can accommodate this. We can provide:

  • Hack Days – focused workshops for your business, leveraging our ‘startup’ culture to benefit your business processes
  • Creative Away Days/Team Building days
  • Personal and Business Productivity Workshops
  • Meeting space in a relaxed, productive, culturally rich atmosphere
  • Tech training and education sessions