Productivity Ninja


Tuesday 13 December 9AM – 4:30 PM – Book your tickets now via Eventbrite

Leigh Hackspace want to show you some real-life business and personal productivity ‘hacks’ that will help you master your own digital and non-digital life, making you more productive at home and work, maximising your free time and enabling yourself to relax.


Unlike many ‘business symposia’, this workshop will be buzzword-free and informally taught, with a minimum of ‘broadcast’ style teaching, and a focus on putting things into practice. We will discuss a lifehack, and then break out to put it into practice right away.

We also don’t believe that one size fits all, and we don’t have a ‘bestseller productivity bible’ to promote – which is why we’ll talk through different ways to solve the same problem. You can try them all and find out what works for you. You’re adults, you know what you want to achieve. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s no problem. This is going to be more like an ‘information buffet’ than a 4 course meal….

Our style of workshop welcomes discussion. We’ll try to leave time for discussion within the group all through the day, and at the end too. We’ll give you plenty of things to read about, discuss and think about when you get back to work or home.

action NOW not later

You will leave with not only an armoury of great personal and business productivity ideas, but crucially, you will have already put some of them into practice. You’ll be working more efficiently before you actually leave our premises.

IMPORTANT: for this it’s vital that you come to the workshop with the usual devices that you work with – laptop, tablet, phone, whatever. (We can adapt to whatever operating system you use) We want to get you set up with those Lifehacks on your everyday devices right away!

things we’ll discuss at the workshop

EMAIL – how to escape from the ‘drowning in email’ problem, and regain control of this simple messaging modality. How to choose the RIGHT communication channel for the right things.
TIME – how to fix procrastination so it’s no longer affecting your productivity, your work-life balance, and maybe even your sleep. We show you numerous ways to beat it.
EFFICIENCY – mastering your digital life so that you don’t waste time on clunky computer workflows.
LIFESTYLE – how exercise and lifestyle fit into productivity and relaxation
SOCIAL MEDIA – how to use Social Media for learning, discussion, debate, and promotion. When NOT to use social media. How to avoid social media gaffes.
PRESENTING – how to clear PowerPoint out of your life, for good.
MEETINGS – why meetings are toxic to productivity and happiness. How to make your business work with fewer meetings.
SHORTCUTS – automate your digital life, and set up shortcuts for repetitive tasks
TASKS – how to develop your own system to manage your tasks.
PASSWORDS – getting good at security and safety in your digital life. don’t get hacked, that’s for other people.

organiser and presenter

Dr Marcus Baw is a locum GP, the founder and director of Leigh Hackspace, and mostly works in health IT. He’s picked up a few things that he’d like to share and is still learning better ways to get things done, every day.

We’ll also have some of the other Leigh Hackspace team along to show off their productivity hacks. We’re all hoping we can learn some great stuff together at our Productivity Hack Workshop.


Leigh Hackspace is proudly a non-profit Community Interest Company. All profits from the event will go to the running and improvement of Leigh Hackspace.

lunch and refreshments

will be provided by Rhyl Fold Farm Shop, and will include a variety of freshly made buffet-style lunch treats. Vegetarians are catered for by default, and much of our buffet is suitable for vegans too, but if you have specific dietary requirements just let us know, and we’ll make sure we cater for your needs.