Xmas RaspbUino Jam!

What on earth is a RaspbUino Jam?!

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SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be an awesome event! Just book for it here while there are still tix!

Raspberry Pis are small, cheap single board computers that can run a full Linux Desktop, and can be used for games, productivity, electronics and almost anything else you can do on a computer! The latest ones cost just £35 and have WiFi and Bluetooth built in – the possibilities are endless!

Arduinos are even cheaper (just £5), smaller, single board microcontrollers that can be used to create simple automatic functions, controlling lights, making toys, games, and wearable electronics, again with limitless possibilities.

We usually run a Raspberry Pi workshop (a Raspberry Jam’) and an Arduino Day separately, every couple of months. For a bit of a change this month, we thought we’d bring them together for a Xmas-flavoured RaspbUino Jam.

Everyone can join in – novices and experts alike – we will have beginner tutorials for both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, AND we’ll have Raspberry Pi and Arduino nerds showing off the cool stuff they’ve made.

You can come along to watch, or you can buy everything you need to get involved from us on the day. Kits will be available for both Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and if you want to make absolutely sure you’re not disappointed, you can pre-pay for your kit when booking, at this link: https://xmas-raspbuino.eventbrite.co.uk