Be Excellent To Each Other

We want to make Leigh Hackspace an accessible, friendly and sociable environment for Making, in which people can be free to express themselves creatively, learn & teach and share ideas.

We particularly support Hacking and Making as a family activity and therefore families with children are welcome at all of our events (unless specifically advertised as unsuitable for a particular age range). If the children are too young to partake of the creative activity at hand, then there are toys at the Hackspace or you could bring your own. Children do need to be supervised by their parent/guardian though.

Harrassment of any kind is not cool and we don’t need it, or want it, at Hackspace. This includes bullying, sexual harrassment, racism, discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, place of birth, accent, social class, or anything else.

We don’t expect a no-swearing zone but we do expect users of the Hackspace to moderate their language around those who might be offended. (ie if you don’t know a person well enough to know if they would be offended, then assume they might be and keep it Family-Friendly®)

Above all, we want to espouse a can-do, positive and creative atmosphere. There are lots of problems in the world, let’s make Hackspace part of the solution.

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